Veronica Vergari

VERONICA VERGARI (Brindisi 1994) attends the ABA in Lecce where she graduates in pictures and graphic design. She goes on her training as museum attendant at Innova.menti and attends the two-year course at PIA – School of Visual Art and Contemporary Culture (Lecce). Here she takes Nina Canell and Robin Watkins workshop “The sound of ionosphere” run by Liliana Moro and Barbara Casavecchia for Lecce Art Week II program. She takes part at Selina Gruter and Michele Graf performance “The Besieged Courtyard” at Progetto (Lecce). Her theoric research, founded on picture as well as photography, turn on a lot of elements: basically the coexsistence of light and darkness, such as for the fixed immagine and developed in the darkroom.

Veronica Vergari is one of the selected artist of FormArti, curated by Ramdom with the support of Presidenza del Consiglio regionale della Puglia.