Roberta Gennaro

Art residencies are a work and research tool that over the years has characterized Ramdom’s path on a national and international level through different typologies: research, networking, production and personnel.

The rooms refer to a sense of intimate living: artists, researchers, curators, simple enthusiasts will occupy a room in the Art Center with the aim of getting in touch both with those who live there and with the territory and local communities, trying to reconstruct and restore the same atmosphere.

Roberta Gennaro is a guest in residence at Le Stanze di Kora from 4 to 24 October, inaugurating Ramdom’s collaboration with the Modena Visual Arts Foundation (FMAV).

Artist and Exhibit Designer, her work is a research on the multiplicity of the concept of the sacred, in particular on the fickleness, all human, that characterizes sacred objects. The fetish, the relic are specious subjects that the artist makes protagonists of the discourse to talk about a world that is no longer in connection with her energy.
She was born in Palermo in 1988, she graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, she studies photographic techniques. You have collaborated with various artists and performers. She currently attends the FMAV Higher Education School.