Rafael Raposo Pires

Rafael Raposo Pires (1994) is a Portuguese artist currently based in Lisbon, he has a Post-Graduation in Multimedia Art from the Fine-Art University of Lisbon. His body of work consists on photographs and videos produced while experiencing dérives made on diverse urban areas. His practice questions the notions of limits within the urban space and how transformative architecture can be.

During his studies at BTK (2016) in Berlin, he started to observe improvised elements that further made him aware of the distancing between urban planning and how different people use a constructed space, publishing the Alone Together (2017) photobook. Those interests later evolved into his appreciation for the movement of a body on a certain space, creating video-performances for the project Espaço | Marca (2019). Nowadays his artistic research is aiming to compare in situ dérives, to virtually produced ones made possible through the use of digital maps.
His works have been exhibited in multiple shows in Portugal, Germany and Italy.