EunYoung Sophia Kang

EunYoung is not an artist. Her work is researching public policy, making strategy and supporting artist’s work. Thanks to her education background in politics and public policy and her experience in art project, she is a bridge person between artists and policy makers. As person of public policy, she coordinates cultural and art policy and makes strategy, but as art director she tries to understand and support her artists. She established <Culture FABRIK>, a think-tank NGO in Seoul of South Korea focused on two main subjects: Research of Culture and Art Policy and Art Production. For the first one, they study Culture and Art Policy internally and externally with communicating artists and expert of this art field, publishing books and papers based on diverse projects. This part is made together to people of graduate school of public administration of Seoul National University. The second subject, consists in producing art works and managing artist. They incubate merging artists, make creative projects and support artists in carrying administrative work of art project out.