Dhanya Pilo

Mumbai (IND) 1981

Dhanya Pilo is a film maker and visual artist based in Mumbai, India. Her work is chiefly concerned with spaces affecting and reacting to abstractions in human behavior. Her choice of media varies with the context of the project.

A graduate from St.Xaviers college (Mumbai), The National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad) and after 7 years of professional experience she decided to be based in Moscow for a year, performing, researching and experiencing. Her research focus at Strelka Institute was on the phenomenon of the House of Culture in Russians cities + hinterland and has just returned from a creative expedition in the Russian North as a culmination of her stay.

In 2007 she founded the “The Wall Project (India)”, which has now become a movement in regenerating urban public spaces in Mumbai and a few other Indian cities. Using that as a stepping tool and a learning ground -The Wall Project team are now in the process of creating a Urban Design & Art center for Public works In Mumbai. More recently, this project has been included in the book “Learning from Mumbai” by architects Pelle Poiesz and Gert jan Scholte.