Arachne: the performance
by Romina De Novellis
From Galatina to Santa Maria di Leuca (Lecce). Curated by Mylène Ferrand.
Free participation
A performance that includes a very long “march” that runs through the whole Salento: starting from Galatina to the most extreme point of Salento, in the town of Leuca. During this march, which will last from sunrise to sunset (given the distances between Galatina and Leuca, about 60 Km), the female gender is invited to participate in the performance, crossing the whole stretch of Salento together with the artist: in each village crossed more and more people will be added, up to be a large number of “performers” to invade, as in a sort of “Fourth State”, the Salento lands, up to the sea, up to the most extreme exit from Italy and Europe.
In ARACHNE the story is reversed, the myth is reversed: if in the anthropological tradition the tarantate were brought to Galatina to ask for the grace of St. Paul, in this performative action the women and men of Salento leave Galatina to abandon it symbolically and recreate a another history of tarantism, a more contemporary history, linked also to the political, economic and cultural dimension of the “European” South.
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For more information on the performance of the performance request registration to the whatsapp group active on the number +39 366 3199532