A Sud di Marte

Ramdom presents A Sud Di Marte, a plan of artistic residencies realized in collaboration with Fondazione Elpis, which will take place in the spaces of KORA – Centro del Contemporaneo, from April 2022 to February 2023.

Through a residency period of two months for each of the four invited artists – Bekhbaatar Enkhtur (Ulanbaataar, Mongolia, 1994), Agnese Spolverini (Viterbo, 1994), Martina Melilli (Padova, 1987), Matteo Pizzolante (Tricase, 1989) – the project addresses the vision of a South understood not only as a place rich in complexity, but also as an opportunity for the activation of an oblique gaze prompted by constant questions.

The title is inspired by the red planet, an outpost that has always suggested in the collective imagination the vision of a remote place that is linked to the desire for exploration.

Despite its remoteness, Mars paradoxically advances as a possibility of discovery, representing the announcement of something that, if on the one hand has yet to be fully realized, on the other hand retains a strong utopian drive for its happening ever closer.

Following this track, the South is configured not only as an exotic place to land in but also as a possible boost and encouragement to experimentation and utopian tension; a potentially unlimited boundary capable of moving and reforming itself continuously, taking on ever different contours and forms.

A realizable utopia, as Yona Friedman say , is only apparently a contradiction in terms. Believing in a utopia and being a realist at the same time is not incompatible, «a utopia is, par excellence, realizable» on condition of obtaining the necessary collective consensus, because a utopia imposed by force is no longer such.

Therefore South is intended as a space where practice a mobile and transitory exercise of orientation, to take the gaze in unexpected directions.

A place where apparent weaknesses can be transformed into strengths, overturning paradigms to draw a new and radical imaginary.

The invited artists for A Sud di Marte are called to make a journey to and in the South intended not only as a geographical place but as a working methodology.

“The mission that our Foundation has set itself since its inception is to enhance the work of young artists, supporting their research and production especially outside the traditional circuits of art and big cities”, says Marina Nissim, President of Fondazione Elpis. “For this reason we are happy to support Ramdom – we collaborated with in 2020 for the first edition of Una Boccata d’Arte in Puglia – in the proposal of a series of artistic residencies hosted and dedicated to the South that, among the four selected artists, will also see the participation of Bekhbaatar Enkhtur and Agnese Spolverini, who will also be involved respectively in the first and second edition of Una Boccata d’Arte, in 2020 and 2021. We hope in this way to offer a new experience and opportunity for growth capable of linking contemporary art and territory”.

The program articulates the four residencies on a bimonthly basis and foresees as many returns that, depending on the proposed project, will take place in the spaces of KORA or in the public space of Castrignano dei Greci. Here the artists will live in direct contact with Palazzo de Gualtieris and will work on a context-specific project that will be exhibited at the end of the residency.

Fondazione Elpis

Founded in 2020 by Marina Nissim, entrepreneur and collector of contemporary art, Fondazione Elpis has among its aims the protection, enhancement and promotion of expressive forms of contemporary arts and creativity.

Through the realization of exhibitions, events, residencies and meetings, its effort focuses in particular on the support of young and emerging artists, from different countries and cultures, whose talent deserves opportunities for visibility and support. Among these, Una Boccata d’Arte, now in its third edition in 2022, is a project spread throughout the country that every year involves 20 artists in the creation of contemporary art installations visible throughout the summer in 20 villages, one for each of the 20 Italian regions. An initiative realized by Fondazione Elpis in collaboration with Galleria Continua and the participation of Threes Productions.