Alessia Rollo

Born 18.3.1982 in Lecce (Italy)
In 2009 she graduated in Photography at EFTI School in Madrid.
Alessia Rollo is living and working between Lecce and Madrid. She presented several solo exihibitions in Spain, such as Kikekeller OpenSpace (2011, Madrid), International photography and visual festival of Lleida (2010, Catalonia). In the last years, Alessia participated as well in selected exhibitions in Spain (“Kaleidoscopic”- Galeria ArtePaso, Madrid; “Ilovefittingrooms” 2011  Madrid; “Absurdos”-Galeria Cero Madrid) and Brazil (“Vision” –  Institute Goethe, Salvador).
In 2010, she collaborated with Media Lab Madrid to create a multimedia streaming performance with UFBA (University Federal of Baia) in Brazil. The same year, she was awarded at the International Call for artist organised by Foundation Maria Jose Jove (La Coruña, Spain).


About Alessia Rollo’s work